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       Tianjin Yong Heng Tai Science and Technology Co Ltd is located in the high-tech industry garden of Xiqing district, Tianjin city. With a R& D team of high level, UHT has developed quality brakes of various series and specifications such as B, S, C and P and their accessory products of rectifiers to apply to professional demands in different areas. For performance requirements in electric brakes, power-off brakes, high protection, high muteness, high positioning accuracy, torque adjustability, quick response, high temperature resistance, uni-directional brake and etc, UHT has got respective solutions to meet the needs of users from various fields in all trades. 

Series B brakes which adopts modular design has multiple functions; with its professionally designed electromagnetic coils, delicately upgraded magnetic circuit structure and special circuit board, it can facilitate super rapid response. S series is brake product of high corrosion resistance and high protection which can be directly applied in open air. P series electric brakes, with backlash compensation and   torque adjustability, are developed by our company specifically for various electric cars. BH series are brakes highly-sealed and highly corrosion resistant, developed for the blade pitch adjusting in wind power, they can be uni-directional or bi-directional. Meanwhile we can design brakes with specific functions according to personal needs of users.

Relying on its advanced management system in manufacturing, quality management personnel, devices of high-precision and quality management system under strict supervision, UHT has made high quality brakes with high stability, which have been widely applied and won the appraise from all trades.

UHT brake products can be seen in aerospace, defence-related science and technology, wind power and nuclear power, digital control equipment, harbour machinery, hoisting equipment, metallurgical machinery, storage facilities, logistics equipment, light industry packaging, petrochemical industry, textile printing and woodworking machine.

ADD:No.7th Xiangrui Road Tianxiang Industrial Park of Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Area Zipcode:300384 URL:http://www.hnymyj.com/ EMAIL:uht@tjuht.com
[Products Department] TEL:022-23789800 FAX:022-23786763
[Marketing Department] TEL:86-021-58999845 86-021-58999846 FAX:021-58999847 MOBIE:86-13918088556 86-13802086982