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Attention for installation
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1. For the friction dual faces, the surface roughness Ra shall not exceed 3.2, the surface shall be made of smooth cast iron or steel; the friction face shall be free of any sharp point. A friction disk or flange may be used where no suitable smooth face is available.
2. The length of key of the fixed sleeve should be the same as the length of the sleeve keyway.
3. Temperature: The insulation level of the brake is 155, the brake shall work at an ambient temperature of -20℃~50℃.
4. Humidity and water droplets: If water droplets attached on the surface of friction, friction will be temporarily low before drying, please take the strategy of protection cover installation. The brake surface will produce gel when working in high temperature difference environment, which can be solved by using heating zone or high grade packaging. In addition water attachment will lead to rust, which may cause locking in serious situation.
5. Ventilation: The brake had better install in well-ventilated environment, because friction power consumption is transformed into heat. If forced cooling by air blower, it is very effective to increase the friction work. Please monitor the temperature while poor ventilation condition.
6. Antirust: Poor storage, harsh environmental conditions and other factors will cause brake rust. The friction surface of the serious corrosion will affect the braking torque, damage the friction surface, even cause locking, although slight corrosion will not. 7. Sparks: Brake may produce sparks because of friction. Please consider the explosion-proof design if it is used in flammable and explosive environment.
8. Magnetic shielding of stator: The brake influenced by the measurement instruments and machines In the vicinity of it may have noise or false action, which can be solved by magnetic shielding device. Non conducting magnetic material is usually used as the material of the mounting surface and shaft of the stator.
9. Wire protection: Brake cable of UHT has many advantages such as UV protection, anti aging, cold resistance and heat resistance and so on. If the wire is damaged, it will cause short circuit or open circuit, which should be prevented at the beginning of the design.
10. When screw the screw on flange through the brake, there should be a hole with Φ6 and depth no less than d1 between end covers of electric generators and flange, which ensure adjustment of air gap. While other installation method, make sure that depth of threaded hole on end covers of electric generators is no less than 3 times of d1.

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